Dr. William Conder

Chiropractic energy balancing

and applied electrobiology


realizing full potential

Realizing full potential is a phrase that can be understood literally and metaphorically.

The word "potential" can refer to "an inherent capacity", and it can refer to "electrical charge that exerts a force that can do work". In an electrical direct current, as found in the meningeal-perineural system of the human body, electric charge flows in one direction. Potential difference is measured in volts at loci peripheral to the source of the electrical charge. The meningeal-perineural charge carrier in the human bodymind is considered to be semi-conducting; voltage in the human body is measured in micro-volts.

A polarized electrical direct current flows in the semi-conducting meninges and perineurium tissue of the human body. The fact that it is polarized means that it has a positive pole that supplies electrical charge to more electro-negative termini.

The positive pole of the polarized direct current (DC) system is the thalamus/hypothalamus, a structure at the top of the brainstem deep inside the cerebral cortex. All motor nerves and cortical projections originate here and all sensory nerves, with one exception, terminate here. The olfactory nerve, the one that facilitates the sense of smell, makes one stop (at the amygdala) before the sensory pathway proceeds to the "positive pole".

Relative to this positive pole at the thalamus/hypothalamus every other location in the body, including the cerebral cortex is more negative. Other than this positive pole in the brain and specific places on the fingers and toes, known to acupuncturists as yin jing-well points, which also are relatively electro-positive, every place on the body is electro-negative.

Inherent in the potential of the bodymind is its ability to grow and to heal. While we are aware that conscious intention applied to healing injury is effective, it is not necessary for healing or growth to proceed.

We know that growth and healing proceed over a range of conditions and that the process may be inhibited, more or less, if excessive stress is experienced by the organism. If stresses accumulate, and if the bodymind adapts to them, they become distractions from the potential, short circuits in the normal polarized current.

Adaptations and excessive stress are injuries that the bodymind recognizes as positive currents where positive currents shouldn't be and initiates healing to restore the normally negative field. But if there are many positive currents of injury and the healing potential of the bodymind is diminished, chronic disease manifests.

The bodymind adapts to injury until it can heal it. Adaptation to injury, mediated by the acupuncture meridian system, consumes potential energy also and reduces the awareness of pain.

The net result of adaptation to injury is a compromised conscious-awareness of the bodymind and its environment, and reduced potential.