Chiropractic energy balancing

and applied electrobiology



Dr. William Conder

Nature! We are surrounded and embraced by her: powerless to separate ourselves from her, and powerless to penetrate beyond her.

The word nature refers to the world of living things, its phenomena, and its principles. Sometimes it is used to refer to the creative power in the material world. It's used in many ways.

It's derived from a Latin word that means "to be born" and is related to our word nascent.

We know what it means to be born and we usually recognize the difference between living and non-living things, but we don't know in a scientific way what life is even though we are alive or, possibly, because we are alive.

The concept "nature" is used in contrast with "artificial". Artificial things are human-made things. In fact, all human-made things are artificial, including the concept "nature".

Nature was created in the ancient world when letters and writing allowed people to write ideas on an appropriate surface, thus holding those ideas in place for subsequent examination. Ultimately, this process allowed letterers to separate themselves from their environment, and from the nature in which they inhered, though this occurs only in the mind.

It's natural for human beings to create even though what they create naturally is artificial.

The human bodymind is born of nature and creates artificial things with which it attempts to know nature and itself. Unfortunately, these artificial things, because they mediate and modify experience, distort perception and confuse the mind.

To know more about ancient civilizations archeologists study human artifacts of those civilizations. But it might be more revealing if archeologists studied human artifacts of recent human invention.

In Western Europe in the 16th century the so-called scientific method emerged as the new best way to understand nature. Briefly, the scientific method is a planned, repeatable procedure for investigating observed phenomena by measurement and quantification. The scientific method, moreover, encouraged the belief that a phenomenon had one cause, the cause that immediately precedes it.

But any "planned procedure", strategy, or technique is artificial and all information obtained in this way is modified from nature.

The scientific method combined with the belief that nature was mathematical and could be understood mathematically allowed scientists to believe they could step away from that which they examined, objectify it, and know it.

This kind of detachment from immediate experience still is regarded as of the highest importance in scientific research, though researchers of quantum physics in the early 20th century realized the ultimate impossibility of it. Observation and interpretation of experimental outcomes remains dependent on the perception of the observer modified by the tool(s) he uses.


Not all scientists and philosophers agreed with the assumptions that initiated the "scientific revolution", however. One observer noted that humanity would be better off studying its own creations, its artifacts, for clues to the creative process, instead of trying to penetrate the secrets of nature, of which the human organism is an example and is "powerless to penetrate".

The human organism is of nature. Understanding it objectively results in knowledge modified by the tools we use to obtain it. Consequently, our understanding also will be modified.

Speech, utterance, the primary medium of humanity's most significant creation, language, outers the "inner being". In other words, in speech we externalize our self. Language is the basic pattern - the root - of human creativity and artifice-making.

Artifice-making is a metaphor process.

All tools, artifacts, technologies... made by humans are external expressions as metaphors of the form, function, or sense of the human body. Using a tool that is an extension of the bodymind in an attempt "to know" about the human bodymind creates feedback on our comprehension.

The best way, therefore, to know about the human bodymind is for each person to develop the ability to know what's going on in her/his bodymind. After that, the next best way is using indicator muscle testing.