Dr. William Conder


Chiropractic energy balancing

and applied electrobiology


Health is a High-Energy Resting State
The human organism is a creature of nature. It is born of nature and does not thrive beyond specific natural conditions which support its metabolic function and physiological balance. Air, water, protein, mineral electrolytes, sunlight, exercise, and rest are so basic, and obviously necessary, that we assume that we have these things in adequate quantity and wholesome quality. However, this assumption often is incorrect.

Everybody's the same and everybody's different.
If you want to know what your body needs to heal its currents of injury, what nutritional supplements support your high-energy resting state, what foods are good for you and which cause a reaction, and what else you may need to realize your full potential, contact us for a consultation.

Patterns of Adaptation
The human body's ability to adapt to less-than-optimal environmental conditions enables it to survive until conditions improve, but the adapted state is a lower energy state and creates problems of its own.

Survival or Thrival
The history of humanity in the earth is a record of its adaptation and survival. Recent events, however, have brought to human awareness the necessity of mutual support for the thrival of all people in the world community. This kind of cooperation for the highest health of all requires proper guidance for individual physical, physiological, and emotional well-being.ResponsibodilyHealth is an individual, personal responsibility. Caring for the bodymind must be our first priority. We cannot pay another or a company to ensure or insure our health. We must acquire honest and accurate information, retrieve our sensitivity to what the bodymind needs for balance, and apply these day-to-day. There is no alternative.

Abiding the Process
Being alive is a process. Stasis is inhibition of the process. As we move with the living process  we can - we must -maintain balance. This balance, in its most sensitive and robust manifestation, is an aspect of the health we seek.

Balancing the Body

Abiding relative physiological balance is the goal, getting there is the problem. Under good environmental conditions growth and healing are continuous but require energy and raw materials. If these raw materials in their natural form aren't present genetic interpretation will be inaccurate and garbled.

Realizing Full Potential
We have tools to read and understand what the body-mind needs to realize its full potential. Using these tools with conventional research and laboratory analysis provides a multidimensional view of imbalance and a way to correct it. And, importantly, it can indicate which drugs or supplements are useful and necessary or useless and have harmful side-effects.

Food or Drug
Much of what we eat as food and consume as nutritional supplements have unwanted and unnoticed side-effects in the body that impact its immune system. Some highly recommended dietary supplements have a drug-effect in the body and do not support its full potential. We have tools to aid in distinguishing these.

Health Requires Awareness
Health is an abiding awareness of balance in the bodymind, moment-to-moment, not an end-state. It is guided by a perception of equanimity within and without. It requires attunement and union of mind and body. It cannot be outsourced.

Dietary Supplements
If we want to correct our adapted state and thrive our style of living requires that we ingest certain nutritional supplements to counter-balance the stresses encountered in daily experience.

Context and Proportion

The confusion and misinformation concerning what nutritional supplements are needed, and in what amounts, may encourage one to reject the practice. The principle of context and proportion may be helpful in dispelling this discouragement. 

Positive Current of Injury
In the bodymind, a positive current, where a positive current should not be, is the locus and identity of injury. In the bodymind's analog electrical system, all injuries - whether a bone fracture or an emotional hang-up - are qualitatively the same but quantitatively different.

All Medicine is Energy Medicine
Everything we do requires energy. We eat and drink to provide energy-producing cells the materials they need to make energy. The DC in the meningeal-perineural tissue is an energy conduit that radiates an energetic field. Immune reactions and adaptations require energy. Some "foods", and most drugs by virtue of their relative toxicity and side-effects, take energy from the bodymind. Proper food and medicine contribute to the bodymind's full potential.

Refresh Perception
The mind is an electromagnetic emanation of the brain, which is a large part of the body. It is the interface between the natural and artificial environments. It is a kind of screen upon which one's present experience appears mixed with retrieved memories of past experiences and integrated with imagination and intuition to give a sense of consciousness - more or less. Attention, the ability to focus on an object or event, is easily captured, programmed, and enslaved, robbing one of free thought, perceptual autonomy, and conscious-awareness. Communications media, from spoken word to iPhone, has great power to take one out of one's body.

Free Consciousness - Pay Only Attention
As a daily practice, withdrawing one's conscious-awareness from the objects and events of distraction rests the mind, the brain, and - by way of the nervous system - the whole body. This meditation, as we call it, relieves the strain of being pulled out of the body in reaction to objects and events both painful and pleasurable. Eventually conscious-awareness is recognized as its own reward.

A High-Energy Resting State
When the body is warm, content, and rested, and is without thirst or hunger; when the energy-producing cells are in the steady-state electron-bearing resting conformation; when there is little or no inflammation or immune reaction; when the sympathetic system is harnessed to conscious-awareness, when the intellect is watchful but quiet, and when the emotions are at peace; when the mind abides the good-feeling in the body, when it has no worries and is not intent on external objects or internal programs... then health is a high-energy resting state.